Arc flash report according to IEEE 1584 standard

2 hours 30 minutes




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In this course, participants will learn the fundamentals of arc flash studies, proper protection coordination for arc flash risk management, the selection of proper PPE, and how to prevent arc flashes.

About this course

A fault in an electricity system, such as a short circuit, can cause unwanted electric discharge through the air known as an arc flash. It creates dangerous conditions for personnel and equipment around the arc flash location. To reduce the risk of injury, regulations, and standards have been created. This course will be taught following the IEEE 1584 standard.

Arc flash hazards must be evaluated to minimize and mitigate the emerging risks. Short circuit and relay coordination studies are mandatory to gather additional information for this study. By reducing tripping times, the risk of injury can be reduced.

By carrying out arc flash study, incident energy, flash boundary, both arc and fault currents, and safe working distances are calculated. These calculations are made to evaluate the possible risk that workers may be exposed to while working on or near energized electrical equipment. Flash protection boundary distance and incident energy calculations are needed to determine the minimum personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements. By choosing the correct PPE the risk of injury is substantially lower.


Calculations will be performed with a power system modeling software EA-PSM Electric. Learn more about the software.



Who should buy this course?

  • Electrical Engineers
  • Electrical Maintenance Personnel
  • Consulting Electrical Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Field Technicians
  • Electrical Technicians
  • Anyone responsible for, or working on electrical switchgear


This course consists of

  1. Brief Arc flash overview
  2. Performing an Arc Flash study with a power system modeling software
  3. Mitigation of Arc flash hazards


What will you learn?

  • Brief Arc flash overview
    • What is Arc Flash?
    • Typical Causes of Arc Flash events
    • What is Personal Protective Equipment?
  • Performing an Arc Flash study with a power system modeling software
    • Overview of IEEE 1584-2018 standard
    • Fundamentals of short circuit calculations
    • Fundamentals of power system protection
    • Proper protection coordination for arc flash risk minimization
    • Protective devices (fuses, breakers, and relays)
    • Arc Flash Risk Assessment
    • Calculate arc flash boundary, safe working distance, and incident energy


  • Mitigation of Arc flash hazards
    • Safety-by-Design Methods
    • Incident Energy Reduction Methods
    • The Importance of Grounding Systems
    • Warning Labels


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