Key features of EA-PSM

Power flow – This feature is necessary for all power system studies. When performing load flow calculations are made for the selected power systems parameters: current flows through branches, voltage drops, real, reactive power and its losses, power factors. Conducting this analysis using multiple scenarios helps ensure that the power system is adequately designed to satisfy performance criteria. Also load flow function lets you perform common tasks such as: power factor correction, optimizing system power flows also voltage regulations.

Time dependent power flow – You can also evaluate the selected power system parameters at different input time periods.


  • Such studies help determine the effects of newly added elements before they are installed in the actual system
  • A properly designed system helps contain initial capital investment and future operating costs.
  • Conduct unlimited “what-if” studies with a couple mouse clicks
  • The prior information serves to minimize the system losses and provides a check on reliability of the system.
  • Reduce operating and maintenance costs
  • Make changes to your system & re-run studies instantly
EA-PSM Energy System Calculations software

Other EA-PSM Features


Why you need this software?

Easy to use

EA PSM provides user friendly interface that allows clients to simply design schemes and perform calculations with a click of a button.

Time saving

Modern electricity networks are getting more complex, therefore requiring more difficult calculations to evaluate certain operation modes. EA PSM saves a considerable amount of time by allowing to change various settings.


EA PSM allows you to input and edit various data into your digital project. Such as previous live test data or exact location of an object in doing so you ensure fast, efficient and secure decision making.

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