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Get urgent assistance that will help you solve any energy related issues

About our service

Got a difficult task and are unsure how to solve it? Short on time and cannot figure out why numbers do not add up? Want to start a big project, but do not know how? Would you like use EA-PSM more efficiently?

We are here to help. Our specialists have years of experience in modelling and managing power systems and are ready to give high quality advice.

Where does these consultations take place?

Urgent assistance is a one-on-one consultation online in zoom or another platform.

Choosing the consultation date

You can find available times in the calendar below or if those consultation times are not convenient for you, contact us and we will try to arrange a fitting time for your convenience

Booking the right consultation

There are two possible consultation options for different  purposes.

Consultation type

Consultation length

Consultation topics

Project analysis & technical assistance

Up to 2 hours

·        Harmonic mitigation

·        Reactive power compensation

·        Arc flash analysis

·        Relay protection coordination

Assistance regarding EA PSM software usage

Up to 1 hour

·        Productivity enhancement using EA PSM

·        Hotkey configuration

·        Connecting multiple schemes together

Do keep in mind that each question or project is different, and it may take more or less time to help you with it. These are only our recommendations for how much consultation time you may need with your issue. You can always book an additional consultation if it is needed. If you need a longer consultation or would like that our specialist arrived on site, contact us.

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