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EA-PSM Energy System Calculations software

AC modelling

This module allows users to model schemes with all types of AC elements that suit any engineers needs and allows users to perform calculations

  • Load flows
  • Short circuit
  • Harmonics
  • Arc flash
  • Motor start

DC modelling

This module allows users to model schemes with all EA-PSM DC elements, and perform calculations

  • DC load flows
  • DC short circuit

Number of available buses: 1000

2 Hours individual consultation with an expert

If have a problem related to the electricity that needs some help solving it, we are here to help. You can book a consultation with one of our experts that will provide you with high quality assistance. One session is usually 1 hour long.

Entry to the first part of online group courses

Our company hosts online group courses a couple time a year to educate electrical power engineers about currently trending topics. These courses usually consist of 3-4 online sessions. By aqiuring this plan user gets free access to the first part of this course.

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