What’s New in Version 21.08.04

Date released: August 12, 2021

Updated Features

> Automatic short circuit calculation in distance protection can now be toggled

> If a recommended parameter in distance protection recommendation is greater than 1MΩ, it will not be applied automatically

> Distance protection view settings are now saved if there were missing required calculations to recommend distance protection parameters when trying to carry out the calculation recommendations.

EA-PSM would do nothing and not tell why

> When calculating short circuits in distance protection configuration automatically, the appropriate checkbox will turn into a progress spinner

> OCP sensitivity table will no longer show dot buses

Bug Fixes

> Added missing texts

> Fixed: parallel line group id information saving

> Fixed: horizontal lines used to still be visible outside of columns in the Project panel

> Fixed: images were broken when pasted from Greenshot (and possibly similar programs)

> Fixed: asymmetric overhead lines were treated as symmetric during calculations

> Fixed: asymmetric mode stuck on if license changed from one that has the asymmetric feature to one that doesn’t while the automatic mode was on

> Fixed: expiration of perpetual license no longer displayed in the welcome screen

> Fixed: distance protection main vector was sometimes displayed incorrectly

> Fixed: distance protection main vector sometimes disappears

> Fixed: vectors sometimes not displayed in distance protection settings, even if the required result is available

> Fixed: not all buses or short circuit locations were shown in the distance protection coordination

> Fixed: bus markers in distance protection coordination view are colored and solid, now they are gray and dashed

> Fixed: bus markers disappear in distance protection coordination after refreshing the breaker window

> Fixed: enabling showing of other devices in distance protection coordination sometimes doesn’t work

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