What’s New in Version 21.08.23

Date released: August 23, 2021

Updated Features

> Distance protection display settings now can be saved

> Improved file type detection, important if the file extension is wrong

> Error dialogs should not be spammed in an event of an error in equivalent calculation

> Text fields at project panel are shown as underlined instead of a box with background

> Project elements that are not visible in pdf are transparent at the project panel

> Added tooltips next to unclear fields in solar irradiance panel

> Updated solar irradiance situation panel UX

> Improved time zone selection in solar irradiance modeling panel

> Enhanced solar irradiance altitude units and tooltip

> At solar irradiance panel trivial calculations are performed instantly after inserting value

Bug Fixes

> Added missing translations

> Fixed: sometimes unreliable scheme link equivalent calculations

> Fixed: hardcoded 10kA limit for element short circuit graphs

> Fixed: cable short circuit ampacity does not fully evaluate parallel cables

> Fixed: in pdf bars of bar charts were not visible

> Fixed: solar irradiance hourly graph opens up very slowly

> Fixed: tab order in solar irradiance modeling panel

> Fixed: solar irradiance graph to project is input always as an hourly graph

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