What’s New in Version 21.09.08

Date released: September 8, 2021

Updated Features

> Enhancement: centering of a few dialogs

> Enhancement: easier selection of short circuit calculations with mouse clicks

> Enhancement: “save as” change scheme id

> Enhancement: warning if line operation temperature is lower or equal to ambient temperature

Bug Fixes

> Fixed: remote scheme change restores

> Fixed: properties of some elements could not be opened

> Fixed: incorrectly linked scheme with transformers calculation

> Fixed: system equivalent setting is not working for linked scheme (calculate and save into file)

> Fixed: scheme link is not working if linked schemes contain elements with duplicated id

> Fixed: transformer resistances are not recalculated after bus voltage is changed and winding voltage is changed to the bus voltage

> Fixed: file “save as” is not working if filename is shorter than 3 letters

> Fixed: incorrect selection of pasted elements

> Fixed: incorrect setting of element positions on DC bus

> Fixed: lines can incorrectly split after moving project frame

> Fixed: split lines do not update after moving project frame

> Fixed: drawing page numbers do not update after changing project frame scale

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