What’s New in Version 22.05.02

Date released: May 2, 2022

Added features

Substation and region columns were added to protection tracking and short circuit summaries.
Protection tracking bus selection is remembered between windows closes and program restarts.
Overhead line height above ground property output.
Transformer no load losses I0 calculation.

Improved features

Protection Tracking GUI performance.

Bug Fixes

fixed: possible NPE error with some circuit breakers;
fixed: ventilation demo scheme has multiple stacked pump motor links;
fixed: short circuit fault branch results layout error during pdf export;
fixed: ac buses and nodes sometimes do not auto connect to each other;
fixed: asymmetrical power flow results blink and high CPU usage;
fixed: symmetrical mode SC results invisible if asymmetrical mode SC results were activated first;
fixed: fix for “collectSubnets() called from non-calculation thread during calculation”;
fixed: when moving a tower model arm, an error may occur;
fixed: overhead line resistance with Pg sometimes calculated incorrectly;
fixed: NPE selecting breaker property output.

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