What’s New in Version 23.04.13

Date released: April 13, 2023

Added features

control type column to hydraulic thermal load summary
OPC Definite Inverse characteristic
open scheme item properties hotkey to all lists ant tables of scheme items, default hotkey is “\”
property output (middle click, ctrl+shift+c/v) support for scheme views in project view
residential building power calculation (lithuanian standard)
surge arrester dissipated power/energy summary to transient calculation summary

Improved features

added explanation why the “Group selected pipes based on remembered pipe data” action sometimes doesn’t work
improved: licence key activation error handling

Changed features

length column added back in branches table
useSettingsScale will defaul to true. Retes graphicsScale and useSettingsScale

Bug Fixes

add a workaround to fix partially invalid schemes produced by some old versions
blurry floating buttons for creating project contenterror calculating asymmetrical short circuits a protection device is connected dirrectly to a transformer
error displaying transient calculation results if there are 2 or more infinite buses in the system
false positive warning about network parameters after calculating asymmetrical short circuits
intermittent issue calculating harmonics with active filter
old scheme importing produces invalid results under some circumstances
OpenStreetMap in gis stopped working
potential fix for possible NullPointerException upon opening a model list (wires, cables, circuit breakers, etc.)
property output settings not fully copied for some elements
property output settings not property saved for breakers and protections
search in gis stopped working
shunt reactor and capacitor properties won’t open
some possible errors during protection tracking
some result may be invisible when exporting scheme to PDF
the “Zoom to view the whole scheme” button sometimes show the entire map
transformer properties fail to open with some settings combinations
transient calculation results can’t open if there were multiple disconnected island during transient calculation
Voltage Coordination Frame element graphs not shown unless data loaded manually
wrong standard name displayed when using cable derating calculation for medium voltage cables

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