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When you need to carry out complicated power grid or electric system analysis, EA-PSM is here to help you.

EA-PSM Energy System Calculations software

Software that makes electrical engineers life easier

EA-PSM Electric software is used for transmission, distribution and industrial networks electrical calculations, modelling and evaluation to find safe, reliable and energy efficient solutions. The program can be used for low, medium and high voltage grid calculations.

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Industrial grid digitalization

By digitizing your electrical system projects all the essential information is saved in one place and as a result, users can make safe, reliable, and efficient adjustments with a click of a button.

By digitalizing industrial grids these solutions can be carried out:

  • Analyze reactive power and harmonic flows and select prevention measures
  • Preliminary analysis of the electricity network, preventing unplanned disconnections during repairs and other switching
EA-PSM Energy System Calculations software

Renewable energy source integration

EA-PSM Energy System Calculations software

Intermittent generation of solar power plants can cause power quality problems and other challenges that must be coped with for successful system integration.

EA PSM allows users to:

  • Estimate daily, monthly, and annual power generation to calculate the payback period of your installed PV system.
  • Choose peak-power modules, select optimal AC & DC cables as well as inverters.

Arc flash analysis

Arc Flash function allows users to calculate arc flash incident energy, flash boundary, both arc and fault currents, safe working distance as well as print warning labels.

This study allows users to:

  • Choose from different equipment types and calculate incident energy at any selected distance.
  • Improve employees working conditions by minimizing arc flash hazard exposed energy and estimate safe working distance.
EA-PSM Energy System Calculations software

Relay protection coordination

EA-PSM Energy System Calculations software

Relay coordination is an important aspect in the protection system design as coordination schemes must guarantee fast, selective, and reliable relay operation to isolate the power system faulted sections.

Coordination studies are carried out:

  • In the early planning stages of a new system to conditionally select protection and utilization equipment
  • When new loads are installed in an existing system
  • When existing equipment is replaced with higher rated equipment

Solving E-mobility challenges

The demand of electric vehicles increases annually and can lead to faults in the system if EV charging infrastructure is not developed accordingly. To prevent these problems simulations, must be modeled using appropriate software.

By modelling these situations common issues can be accounted for:

  • How can charging EV’s help to maintain system equilibrium?
  • Is the grid reliability changing because of the new load situation?
  • How does generated harmonics influence the distribution system?
EA-PSM Energy System Calculations software


Why you need this software?

Easy to use

EA PSM provides user friendly interface that allows clients to simply design schemes and perform calculations with a click of a button.

Time saving

Modern electricity networks are getting more complex, therefore requiring more difficult calculations to evaluate certain operation modes. EA PSM saves a considerable amount of time by allowing to change various settings.


EA PSM allows you to input and edit various data into your digital project. Such as previous live test data or exact location of an object in doing so you ensure fast, efficient and secure decision making.

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M. Stankevičius, Sales Project Manager
M. Stankevičius, Sales Project ManagerEnepro
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Company Energy Advice performed relay coordination audit for the Vilnius Power Plant. In the study, sensitivity and selectivity of the protection devices were analyzed under various network conditions. We got recommendations how to maintain protection system reliability after the power plant substation reconstruction.
N. Ananjevas, Chancellor
N. Ananjevas, ChancellorVilnius University
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We note that the JSC „Energy advice“ audit was done thoroughly: engineers analyzed the compressed air and air drought systems as well as electricity, heating and water consumption. The company provided recommendations on savings and solutions to optimize electricity, water, compressed air and heating costs.
B. Jedlinski, HR Director
B. Jedlinski, HR Director Orlen Lithuania
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Public Company "ORLEN Lietuva" ordered and "Energy Advice" has conducted the "ORLEN Lietuva" personnel training program for electrical engineers to update the existing professional knowledge."Energy Advice" can be described as professional and efficient supplier since the quality of training always meets the expectations of the Company's management.
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The EA-PSM program proved to be a valuable calculation tool, both at the stage of the offer and concept, as well as at the stage of detailed design. The authors of the EA-PSM program were open to any suggestion regarding modifications and future software improvements. They were also helpful in cases of ambiguity regarding the operation of the program and in case of non-standard computational tasks
M. Davulis Maintenence Manager
M. Davulis Maintenence ManagerDS Smith
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The engineering staff of UAB DS Smith Lithuania participates in practical training session organized by UAB Energy Advice with EA-PSM Electric software. We are pleased that the knowledge gained will help us to optimize the plant’s power grid, reduce downtime and costs for consumed electricity. We recommend UAB Energy Advice as a responsible and reliable partner.
S.k Sastry, Director
S.k Sastry, DirectorEprosy
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EA – PSM allows us to expand our business activities and complete even more projects during the same amount of time. Eprosys Engineering Consultants India notes that Energy Advice team also provides high quality support and trainings for their customers.

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